Continual Improvement – Stud and Commercial Cattle

“There are over 2000 active purebred females spread throughout Australia and New Zealand and stud calf registrations have been steadily increasing every year. The now widespread commercial success speaks volumes.” – Mat Westaway.

Reference sires

In recent years we have seen new additions to our stud sire ranks, with Old Kentucky Aga Kahn J18 in 2015, Rupari Kepler d Poll and Rupari Kojak d Poll in 2017 and now in 2019 we introduce Rupari Norrie D’Poll.

Norrie was purchased along with his mother and a number of other females from the Rupari Polled Blonde Studs dispersal in 2018. The Roberts family have been at the forefront of poll genetics for Blondes in Australia, selecting and breeding with the best semen available from around the world.

On behealf of everyone here at Meridan, we would like to thank Greg and Linden Roberts for giving us the oppurtunity to purchase animals from them over the years and we wish them all the best into the future.

Rupari Norrie d Poll

DOB: 04/08/2017


Norrie was purchased along with his dam from The Roberts family in 2017. At the time he was only a 4 month old calf at foot, we had not seen Norrie or any of the animals we purchased in the flesh only photos at the time of purchase.

We were guided by a couple of trusted people who saw these animals, Peter Aisthorpe of Monal Blondes and John Thomas from ABRI. Greg mentioned there was an outstanding young homo poll bull calf at foot on one of the cows for sale, which I think you would be interested in.

With both Peter and John saying Norrie caught your eye straight away and had something special about him. That was all we needed at Meridan blondes, we rang Greg that evening with a selection of females we wished to secure with Norrie and his dam being one of lots.

Upon their arrival it was easy to see what every one saw in Norrie. Now as each month goes by this young bull keeps on ticking all of the right boxes. He is a true gentleman in every aspect and is a pleasure to work with and own.

Norrie is an exceptional bull in our eyes – he boasts power, good feet and legs, volume and capacity making him a standout to the beef and stud producer alike.

Combining a moderate frame and easy fleshing, Norrie is a bull with sire appeal and we look forward to seeing what he produces for us in years to come.

Rupari Kojak d Poll

DOB: 21/09/2014


Rupari Kojak d Poll was selected from Rupari Poll Blonde stud in Yarrawonga, Victoria.

At the time of purchase Kojak was only 6 months of age, but he was always going to turn out to be something special. He is long, smooth and blessed with beautiful balance and is full of flesh.

This young homozygous polled sire is a true curve bender for the Blonde breed, displaying all the Blonde characteristics you would want to see in your stud sire and the EBV’s to match.

With calves hitting the ground now at Meridan, we cannot speak highly enough of Rupari Kojak d Poll and the impact he is having.

Rupari Kepler d Poll

DOB: 04/02/2014


Another outstanding homozygous polled sire selected from Rupari Poll Blonde stud. Kepler is a half-brother to the $50000 record breaking sire, Rupari Joiner d Poll.

He is another powerful example of what Arsha’s polled Trooper can produce. Modern, mobile and loads of sire appeal, with a pedigree as good as any.

His depth, length and eye appeal is outstanding. We expect great things from Rupari Kepler d Poll and is already doing a great job in conjunction with Kojak.

Old Kentucky Aga Kahn J18



This young bull is everything we have been looking for in a new stud sire. He is the eye catching son of Duncombe Aga Kahn, whose reputation is very well known amongst blonde breeders here in Australia and the UK.

Duncombe Aga Kahn’s Owner commented that this young bull was the spitting image of his father from the head to the tail which is a great accolade to hear.

It is not just his sire’s line which shines; his Dam line is as equally as impressive. His dam is by Rahnik Beefmaster, a bull who is still leaving his mark on herds all over Australia.

This young sire is going to have a very bright future here at Meridan and we look forward to seeing his progeny in the years to come.

Meridan Xcelsior


Meridan Xcelsior was a true gentleman, and has left a big impression in this stud.

A well-muscled bull with length, softness and sire appeal, as well as carrying some of the finest genetics from Canada and France is indeed a rare find. He consistently produced calves with growth, muscle, breeding and an outstanding temperament.

Meridan Xcelsior was a high performer and maintained his exceptional doing ability which he has passed on to his progeny.

Genestar MVP
Feed efficiency -0.52 in the top 10 %
Marbling -0.09 in the top 50%
Tenderness -0.06 in the top 30%

Stud and commerical cattle

Being a beef producer in Australia is no easy feat. Continually facing challenges such as a volatile market and the unpredictability of the weather, we are constantly hindering all of our efforts.

However, no matter what people say or what people do we as beef producers are always looking to make a larger profit from our cattle in both the good times and the bad.

The only way to do this is to produce a superior product quicker and off less land. Supplying such a product does not just occur. It takes time, it takes passion and it takes commitment. Here at Meridan herd management is made a lot easier using predictable genetic pools in a breeding system that is reaping rewards year in year out.

Both our commercial and stud herds are run under strict guidelines. There is a broad range of tried and proven genetics within the base cows.

All stud females and bulls are measured using breedplan, while the commercial herd is run stringently while consistently moving toward an end goal. All cattle are selected with the emphasis on fertility traits, temperament and a preference for above average growth ebv’s.

All heifers are joined at 18 to 24 months of age using artificial insemination and then followed up by a low birth weight blonde or blondeman bull. Cows and heifers are pregnancy tested annually and are culled if empty.

This has enabled us to keep our breeding herd as fertile as possible and allows us to keep our calving intervals to a 6 to 8 week window. Unless we are breeding for out of season calves for the show circuit.

Here at Meridan we pride ourselves on turning off quality cattle on coast country. We strongly believe in not selling anything we are not prepared to use ourselves and stand strongly behind anything that is sold.


“All cattle are exposed to high tick and fly pressure and are managed as a commercial herd. There is no room for animals that don’t meet our high standards at Meridan Plains.”
Anthony Westaway

What a Breed – Mat Westaway explains.

The Blonde d’Aquitaine breed are a heavily muscled French breed renowned for producing efficient, high yielding beef carcasses and were introduced to Australia via semen and embryos in 1975.

The Blonde sire is known for producing small slender docile calves which grow rapidly and maintain a calm temperament, are fine boned, and develop a heavy lean muscle pattern.

Our Foundation blonde breeders were purchased from Old Kentucky, Rupari, Quirran-Lea studs, and other’s dispersals and with this diverse range of genetics in our base cows, we decided they needed to be joined to best Full French and Canadian Sires available.

Listen to this interview with Mat Westaway

A move aimed to improve carcass traits and consistency of types and has seen a positive result in the progeny.

Easy calving, rapid growth, feed efficiency and high yielding carcasses, mean Blondes are the secret for success…Meridan Stud Blondes thrive in our environment and produce hardy adaptable stock.

Meridan Stud Blondes show some variation of colour ranging from almost white to red.

The breed has a good ratio of meat against waste products like fat and bone, and their carcasses yield high amounts of beef. Blonde steers often yield about 70% of their body weight.

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