Boulevard Blondes testimonial

In 2013 we visited Meridan Blondes looking for our new sire. After looking through a selection of quality bulls we selected Meridan Garrson. After getting Garrson aka. Garry home we were instantly impressed by the quiet easy going nature he had.

Garry has now had a number of quality calves both commerial and stud, we say Garry was the game changer for Boulevard!! Year after year he continues to produce amazing calves with his beautiful nature. In 2018 we sold a 6mt old calf sired by Garry out of a shorthorn x cow at the Gympie Prime show sale for $4.85Kg being the 2nd top price per kg for the whole sale behind the Grand Champion beast. At 7yrs old Garry is still structurally sound and fertile and will continue to work here at Boulevard for many years to come.

Esther Ruffo – Boulevard Blondes

Later in 2013 we decided to purchase some more genetics from Meridan adding a female Meridan Heather. We purchased heather as a weaner and have grew her out here at Boulevard. She out did our expectations growing into an absolute exceptional heifer and into a even better cow. The best udder in my herd and as fertile as they come!

Two of her sons who have brought home a few prizes in the show ring are 2 of the best bulls ever bred here. Both sons sired by Garry and both sold recently one as a 3yr old and the other at only 14mts old.

We will continue to source genetics from the Meridan stud as they are breeding market practical cattle that continue to excell in our herd! We will always be grateful to the Westaway family for all the help and guidance they have given me over the years. And im sure we will continue to promote their genetics in our cattle for years to come.

Esther Ruffo
Boulevard Blondes

Rupari Polled Blondes testimonial

The Meridan Blonde Stud and its commercial affiliates are owned and managed by the Westaway family. Livestock breeding programs are exceptionally well researched and subsequent progeny are subject to high selection pressure for docility, fertility, muscle, fat cover and doing ability.

If we were purchasing Blonde or Blonde infused cattle, this would be the first place we would visit. Not just because of the high quality livestock; but because of the endemic, highest level of business integrity and honesty that is the fabric of this family.

A trait that cannot be claimed, only bestowed; and we are happy to make this observation.

Greg & Linden Roberts
Rupari Polled Blondes
Gippsland, Vic.